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27 December 2007 @ 05:44 pm
AAAARGH! Invasion of the plot bunnies!!!!! And my Muse's name  


But I'll tell you what they are and update you on the progress of the ones I posted up earlier.


Aftermath-Sequel to "Payback Time." How is Sam going to cope with the aftermath of his kidnap by Barricade? How will he cope with going back to normal life? How will Mikaela, hisc parents, and the Autobots cope with his reaction? (Needs more research)

"Mom, Dad, say hello. This is Optimus Prime." -Sam introduces his parents to the Autobots.

"Tattoo." Sam has acquired a tattoo he doersn't want on a sensitive part of his anatomy, courtesty of Starscream. Earth laser treatrment won't remove it, so he has to aopproach one of those he partiucularly doesn't want to see it  in order to have it removed. 
This one was inspired by Heslestor, she out up this little gem of an idea....
)Sam stared listlessly at the shower wall, still amazed by the fact that not only did Starscream not kill him, but actually rewarded him for destroying Megatron. Washing his lower back, he was concerned when the skin there felt bruised. He was even more disturbed when, after trying to look over his shoulder to see if it was anything major, the only thing he could distinguish was a very large dark colored mark.
Out of the shower and with one of his mom’s compact mirrors, Sam stared in disbelief at what he found. There, on his left butt check, was a rather smug looking Decepticon tattoo.)
She kindly said I could write "Tattoo" when I asked.

The other fics-Status Report

Payback time-Barricade decides to get his own back on Bumblebee for the aft-whupping he recieved when questioning Sam. How? By attacking one of the things Bumblebee cares about the most-Sam- while destroying the trust Sam has in Bumblebee. How? By temporarily taking the same alt-form as Bumblebee...-Finished, and posted on ff.net

Starscream's secret-Starscream has a secret, anbd will do anything to keep it. But what if someone finds  HER out? -not yet started

On The Prowl-Prowl lands on Earth, and with his communication equipment out, Prowl cannot follow Prime's signal. However, after adopting the alt-form of the local law-enforcement vehicles. he chances upon the information that one Samuel James Witwicky isd in contact with his Autobot comrades. Prowl tries to make contact with this human, but why does the human keep running away from him?-not yet started

Bumblebee Wants To Go Home-After Bumblebee's Transformation circiuit is damaged, Ratchet is forced to remove it, leaving Bumblebee trapped in car form with misaligned systems. Then he is stolen. Bumblebee must escape and find his way back to Sam.-Chapter Three finished, only short epilogue to do.

My Turn-Sequel to "Touch." Sam has given Bumblebee a wonderful experience, and Bumblebee wants to return the favour-Finished and posted on ff.net

Complications-When Optimus gets struck by lightning which arcs to Mikaela, their minds switch places. How will Sam cope with Mikaela-in-Optimus? How will Optimus cope with being human and female? Will they ever get back to their own bodies?-in progress

The Best Laid Plans of Autobots and Men-(G1 setting) When a human friend if Spike's is sevcerely injured, wheeljack is forced to mend and use the transference device to put the human's mind temporarily in a spare Autobot body. A dreadful error at the hospital means she must stay in it for good. (Written to redress some issues I had with the episode "Autobot Spike.)-in progress

The Search-Sunblazer (oc) lands on Earth, and must find her way to Optimus, but has a problem. Her navigation was damaged on the inward journey, and she's landed in the UK instead of the US. How will she get there?-In progress

Rebirth-Sunblazer (oc) finds that someone she had given up as dead is far closer than she realised.-in-progress 

So, I am currently fionishing "Bumblebee Wants to Go Home, and then I shall make a start on "On the Prowl." After that, which do you think I should do?

And I think I've finally fighured out why my Muse is a slave-driver: it's a Barricade-muse.

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meowth2meowth2 on January 8th, 2008 02:48 pm (UTC)
yes you definitely are being invaded by plot bunnies. I like what you have written and look forward to more.
Your Muse has been on my back too, getting me to write a lot about him at night. And Starscream too.
Lugiannalugianna on January 8th, 2008 03:45 pm (UTC)
So, bugging me just ain't enough, huh? Typical! He's got ME writing a new one about him too.

(Anonymous) on January 23rd, 2011 06:16 am (UTC)
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